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 What is Airsoft

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PostSubject: What is Airsoft   Wed Apr 02, 2008 2:51 pm

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What is Airsoft ?

Airsoft originally refered to a class of replica airguns that originated from japan. They are fashioned in a 1:1 scale and are made from high impact ABS plastics and metal alloys. Unlike other airguns, Airsoft airguns fire 6mm plastic BB's. These BB's are unable to penetrate aluminum cans, which makes them much safer than other airguns. All of these factors contributed to Airsoft becoming a very large sport in Japan.

Played in a similar fashion to PaintBall, Airsoft has over the years literally taken Europe by storm. There are now Airsoft war games, shooting competions, tournaments, Tradeshows, and even an Airsoft World Cup.

Airsoft has been steadily growing in popularity in North America and in the UK. This is because you can create many strategies and have team games .

The guns.

While appearing to resemble firearms, Airsoft guns are not firearms. Airsoft guns fire plastic 'bb's', or plastic balls, of about 6 mm with various weights. The guns are specifically designed to fire these pellets, and only these pellets. The method they use to achieve this is by the use of a small 'pump', which delivers a measured amount of air behind the pellet, which is then forced though a smooth-bore barrel, to fly toward whatever the user of the airsoft gun has aimed at, which is normally another player of the game.

The velocity of the pellet, combined with its' very low weight (0.2-0.4 grams), means that at the very worst, a small bruise of about 6mm will be caused, and only if the firer is at very close range. The sort of range we're talking about here, would be less than about five to ten metres.

Types of guns.
There are 'spring', 'gas', and 'electric' (or 'AEG') guns available.

'Spring' guns fire one pellet at a time, having to be manually re-cocked for each shot. They have a lower range than other modes of gun.

'Gas' guns use an inert gas, normally CFC-free gas, which delivers a higher range than a spring gun.

The most poplular by far is the electrically powered airsoft gun. These are called 'AEG's, or 'Automatic Electric Guns'. These are modelled on either rifles or sub-machine guns, and can fire in single or rapid fire mode..

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What is Airsoft
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