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PostSubject: FAS MINDANAO FINALS "OP:EL TRONO" Septmeber 26-27-09   Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:51 pm


More Pictures at Photo and Video Section

Missions for the MINDANAO FINALS

Primary Mission: Bomb Retrieval

* The bomb is to be disarmed and retrieved by either of the 3 Demolition Experts
* Demolition Expert must have the tools within his/her reach at all times which will be provided on site
* The "Demolition Expert" position is transferable. Other operators can assist for in carrying the bomb, cover, concealment, finding the key-code, etc.
* Bomb must be disarmed before pulling it out from its original place
* The bomb is inside the killhouse, chained and locked with two different locks. The key-code that gives access to the key of the locks are yet to be found somewhere in the game zone
* Without the key code, you are not allowed to get the key to unlock the primary mission, the bomb
* There will be 18 sets of code combination containing 11 digits to disarm the bomb - only one set is correct
* Mission failed by the team who disarmed the bomb if the code entered is incorrect
* No code needed if the bomb is stolen from one team to the other even if the code entered by the disarmed team is incorrect
* The right code combination will be revealed for 10 seconds only in the insertion point when the time starts

Secondary Mission: Get Intelligence
As part of the FAS National Tourney to make your mind work under pressure within the game, allow me to give you a heads up on the secondary mission, gentlemen.

2nd Mission: Brain Twister
Test your intelligence under pressure.

* Using 4 plastic pieces of different shapes (see attached images,) the player forms 5 out of 40 design puzzles
* Any player of your team can work on the secondary mission
* Answers should only be in your head. Teamwork is acceptable but when you are caught cheating using notes (kodigo, etc.) you will be mission failed plus 1,000 points demerits
* You get 100 points for every design accomplished or 500 for the whole 5 designs for every round of game
* The Instructions changes every round
* The piece of paper bearing the instructions on which designs to accomplish
* The secondary mission is optional and can be skip at any given time.
* The secondary mission points will only be credited to the team who have accomplished the primary mission
* The game or time stops when the primary mission is accomplished
* Please let your teammates study and learn how the brain twister designs is put together.
* When you get to the bomb, give the key code to the umpire near the bomb and he/she will give you the instructions for the secondary mission.
* Full details of the 2nd mission will be divulged on team-leaders meeting prior to the game.

Looks simple, but not really when the time is ticking and your adrenaline is pumping high. Quite challenging!


* Your 21-man team have 7 minutes per round, 8 hours/day for 2 days to accomplish this mission against 17 of the top contending teams struggling and fighting the adversities for the national glory.

Thank you!

Good luck and Godspeed.

Obet Yance[u]

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