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 Battalla de la Fort Santiago - "Segunda"

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PostSubject: Battalla de la Fort Santiago - "Segunda"   Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:46 pm

Airsoft Gamers Tactical Assault
FAS National Tournament 2009 Semi Final Leg for Mindanao
“Battalla de la Fort Santiago” - Segunda
July 18-19, 2009

Rules and regulations:

15 man team
Venue: Ozamiz City National High School Ground
Chrono Limit: 450 FPS
Registration is Php 900.00 (Tentative)

For more details, please contact the ff. number
Den2x Malingin: +639286000082
Jpoy Salas: +639186590882

Safety First on the Playing Field
No real Firearms
No Players are allowed if under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol
Consider every gun loaded
Do not flaunt/show your gun in public
Never point the gun to anybody/anything you do not intent to shoot
No goggles/mask, no play
Keep your finger off the trigger until you fire
There will be use of radio/electronic communications equipment during the game.

Players Elimination
Direct line to anybody and extensions (vest, suit, pads) is considered hit
Friendly fire
Knife Kill (must carrying an Airsoft weapon, when tapping players)
Ask to surrender within 3M
Two players on point blank draw both be eliminated
No ricochets

No Hit Call
Shooter cannot call opponent out
Hit players to acknowledge by shouting HIT, DEAD or OUT
After being acknowledge as ¡§hit¡¨ raise your gun/arm over your head while going to the neutral zone

NO Hostages
No hiding behind non-combatant/hit players/marshal

No Holding or grappling
No holding on to opponents gun
No rough physical contact between players

Avoid Inflicting Unnecessary Pain
Point blank is discouraged
No blind fire
Immediately stop shooting players signifying hit

Dead Men no tales
No coaching from any non-combatants (umpire, eliminated players, spectators, bystanders, etc.)
Players are to return to insertion point after being hit; stand by the side is not allowed.
Marshall’s Decision is final
Observe proper decorum at all times and respects Marshall’s decision.
Only team leaders are allowed to complain to the grievance committee.
Players must respect Marshall’s decision while games are going on, any complaints must be referred to your team leader AFTER the game, and otherwise points will be deducted to your team

Yellow card will be deducted 1 player from team.
Red Cards will be deducted 3 players from the team.
Black Cards will be expulsion of the team.

Yellow Card Violations
„« Complaining to the marshals decision.
„« Hit calling the opponent.
„« Arguing with marshals while the game is still ongoing.
„« Ignoring marshals call.(visual block)
„« Using human shield, both players and marshal.
„« Blind Firing.
„« Refusal to stay at insertion point after being hit.
„« Playing without safety goggles or mask.
„« Removing mask while at the gamesite.

Red Card Violation
„« Swearing/use of profane language to a player and marshal
„« Intentional hitting/firing at marshal
„« Ignoring marshals call of yellow card
„« Playing while under influence of drugs and alcohol

Black card (expulsion)
„« Enticing a first fight with either player or marshal
„« Continuing to play even after declared red card
„« There will be use of radio/electronic communications equipment during the game.
„« Free-for-all fight
„« Fighting using anything aside from BB’s (e.g, first-fight, rocks, firearm, etc.)
„« Free-for-all fight
„« Bringing or discharging of firearm/s
„« Insulting the capacity of the organizer
„« If majority of your team walks-out in any of the activity ( game or awarding)
Staging Rules:

1. The chief marshal will be giving the participants the time schedules for each team to play.
2. While a game is started, the next team scheduled should go to the staging area for chrono.
3. Chrono will be done at the staging area prior to every game. A gun with a chrono of 450 fps using a .2 bb will not allowed and automatically disqualifies the person holding it for that game.
( .2 bbs for chrono purposes will be provided by AGTA)
4. Gas guns are not allowed except pistols. AGTA marshals have the right to inspect AEGs for suspected high FPS.
5. NO wearing of white T-shirt, Short pants / Sando’s, Slippers.

* Rules are subject to change w/o prior notice

Due to limited time per level (8 minutes/game, round robin) we are limiting the number of teams to 12 slots ONLY!!

Max Players/game per team: 15-man-team. Approximately, more than 250 airsofters. Very limited slots!!

Deadline of Team confirmation is June 29, 2009.
June 29, 2009, 50% will be collected, full payment will be collected before July 9-10, 2009.
NO REGISTRATION on the game site will happen.

Pls. deposit to this account: Philip Bonn Rabanes 455-527858-1 (PNB)
Den2x Malingin: +639286000082
Jpoy Salas: +639186590882


Inn: Betany Garden
Address : Bangkal, Ozamiz City
Tel. No. : (088) – 521- 5240, +6391832477834
Room rates: 1900-8000

Inn : Dad’s Pension Hauz
Address : Aguada, Ozamiz City
Tel. No. : (088) – 521-2058, +639182490181
Room rates: 200/aircon; per head
150/non-aircon; per head

Hotel : Executive Hotel
Address : Cebedo cor. Gallardo Sts., Ozamiz City
Tel. No. : (088) - 521-0360
Room rates: 500-1250

Inn: Naomis Bptanical Garden
Address : Bañadero, Ozamiz City
Tel. No. : (088) - 521-2441 / Fax: (088) – 521-2445
Room rates: 800-4500 / Group (12-pax): 1800

Hotel : Plaza Beatriz Hotel
Address : Port Road, Ozamiz City
Tel. No. : (088) – 521-1394/5211395
Room rates: 750-2000

Hotel : Royal Garden Hotel
Address : Burgos cor. Zamora Sts., Ozamiz City
Tel. No. : (088) – 521-2888/5212889 / Fax088) – 521-0008
Mobile: +639282087777
Room rates: 795-2295

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Battalla de la Fort Santiago - "Segunda"
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