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 SEALs Davao CODE BLUE: Neutral Indigo

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PostSubject: SEALs Davao CODE BLUE: Neutral Indigo   Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:42 pm

SEALs Davao & Fil Airsoft



Neutral Indigo

11th & 12th Day of July 2009

Venue: Matina Town Square (Recall Paintball Area)
New Game Site to be constructed

Players: 20 Man Team
16 Teams
Reg. Fee: Php 800.00 per head. With T-Shirt
(No Extra Payment on RESERVE)


DEADLINE of Registration Fee: JUNE 30, 2009

Rules and Regulations

1. Safety First
1. No ID, no play. Always bring a VALID GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID. To verify your identity, it will be asked before entering the game zone
2. No signed waiver, no play
3. No Real Firearms or deadly weapon/s within the whole venue
4. No sharp objects or anything that can cut/wound including the one in your airsoft like protruding inner barrels or sharp flash hider.
5. No players are allowed if under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol
6. No adequate airsoft full-face mask (eye & face protection) that can withstand 600 FPS, no play
7. No firecrackers, smoke bombs, flash bangs and anything that will cause fire
8. No improvised weapon or converted airgun to airsoft
9. Muzzle Velocity: 450/fps using 6mmBBs @0.20g (1.88 joules of energy)
10. BBs specification: Unmodified white 6mm and maximum weight of .25g only
11. Never take off your eye/ face protection within the game zone even if the game is over
12. Must be at least 18 years of age
13. Standard Safety Gun Rules
1. Consider every gun loaded
2. Never point the gun to anybody/ anything you do not intend to shoot
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you fire
4. Be sure of your target and what is around it
5. Be courteous
2. One-hit Elimination
1. Direct line to body
2. Penetrating shot
3. Friendly Fire
4. Knife kill
5. Ask to surrender within 5 meters only if the opponent accepts the gesture
6. No Ricochet
3. No Hit Call
1. Shooter cannot call opponent out
2. Hit players to acknowledge by SHOUTING "HIT!"
3. Hit players are to raise an arm, straight up, otherwise they're still considered to be active and a threat
4. No hostages (non-combatants are umpires, eliminated players, spectators, bystanders, etc)
1. No hiding behind non-combatants
2. No mixing with non-combatants
3. No engaging in proximity of delicate or valuable property
5. No holding or grappling
1. No rough physical contact between players
2. No holding on to opponent or opponent's gun
6. Avoid Inflicting Unnecessary Pain
1. Avoid point-blank shooting, ask for surrender
2. Avoid blind-fire
3. Immediately stop shooting players signifying hit
7. Dead men tell no tales
1. No coaching from any non-combatants (non-combatants are umpires, eliminated players, spectators, bystanders, etc)
2. No radios, cellphones or other electronic communications allowed within the game zone
8. No time out
1. Player must overcome equipment malfunction or temporary difficulty without calling "time out", otherwise player must eliminate him/ herself from the game.
9. Umpire's decision is final
1. Umpire will only call hits to any operator within approximately 25 meters
2. Umpire will only call hits that he/she sees
10. Observe proper decorum at all times
1. No fist fight, vulgar quarrel, thrash talk, rude and provocative remarks/gestures
11. Dress appropriately
1. Nobody is allowed to wear full BDUs (Battle Dress Uniforms) before reaching the Game Site
2. BDUs of all MEMBERS of the team should be alike (Type-B Uniform is acceptable)
1. As part of your uniform, you will be required to make your own ID made of cloth bearing your team's name, initial prefix and your number from 01-99 (e.g. "A88" for Alpha). Your number that is listed in your ROSTER form that you sent me should be identical with what you have at your back.
2. Foreground and background should be BLACK over YELLOW printed on 8.5" x 8.5" (short bond paper width size)
3. must be sewed to your back portion of your BDU/vest.
4. Font should be BOLD BLACK ARIAL and size should be 5.25 inches height
5. must be very readable. It must be visible at all times with no obstruction. Please see attached Images.
3. No open footwear. Tactical boots is advisable
4. No excessive padding
5. No short pants
6. No white BDUs (Upper and Lower)

Based from the "FAP Standard Rules and Regulations"
FAPS rules were first formalized and adapted by Action Games League (AGL)


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SEALs Davao CODE BLUE: Neutral Indigo
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