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 Prelude to the final scenario

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PostSubject: Prelude to the final scenario   Mon Aug 04, 2008 12:06 pm

April 2008.

Operation Urgent Fury went underway to rescue a bio-chemical warfare expert codename: Sparky and recover whatever bio-chemical weapon found in the area. Elements of Joint Task Force Sparky raided a compound in Santillan City, ASGanistan. It can be recalled that Codename Sparky was snatched 20 days ago while on his way to a secluded airfield some 13km outside of this city. He was believed to be transporting a prototype toxin designed to kill everything within a radius of 30 km in an hour.

Supreme Commander of Unified States Forces in ASGanistan, General Gideon told this reporter that Operation Urgent Fury was successful. Elements of Joint Task Force Sparky were able to recover bio-chemical substances and the body of Codename Sparky in one of the buildings inside the compound.

He further disclosed that the compound was guarded by employees of Black Paws Security Consultants, Inc.. Black Paws Security Consultants, Inc. was believed to be hired by a wealthy Santillani, Rejib Tonipet. Tonipet is a well-known follower of tribal cult of Essex. Taboo teaching of this cult requires its members to cleanse their spirit through the conduct of a regular ritual called Raw Night.

Operation Urgent Fury will continue to locate and capture this outlaw radical.

July 2008.

The deteriorating peace and order situation in ASGanistan has prompted the leader of this city-state to request for more troops from western nations. Several nations answered the call and sent security teams to help defuse the explosive situation.

Supreme Commander of Unified States Forces in ASGanistan, General Gideon directed special operation commander General Lieu Mark to increase the number of troop in the city-state.

Rumor has it that Santillani tribesmen have seen Rejib Tonipet passing through the town of Cape Buenafe in a fully armed convoy. Furthermore, armed men were observed constructing bunkers and other fortifications around the ruins of Archangeltown.

General Lieu Mark told media today that this should not be a cause for concern. He assures the public that Unified Forces will not allow any insurgents to terrorize the countryside. He will verify this rumor and do the appropriate action to ensure the safety and welfare of the people of ASGanistan.

ASGanistan News Bureau
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Prelude to the final scenario
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