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Airsoft FAQs
Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about Airsoft. For ease of understanding answers have been simplified, but this is a good place to start for a basic understanding of what Airsoft is all about.

What is Airsoft?
Airsoft is a sport...a game...and a training tool. Airsoft is also a hobby for enthusiasts to collect and display, or simply have fun with. Airsoft guns are used all over the world for target shooting, firearms training instructors, class III-weapons enthusiasts, motion-picture studios, and most commonly, for tactical and military simulation war games.

What are Airsoft guns?
Airsoft guns are 1-to-1 scale replicas of actual pistols, rifles, and machine guns that fire a 6mm plastic BB using air to propel the projectile. Some Airsoft pistols have a blow back action that provides a recoil effect. In addition to incomparable realism, Airsoft guns are reliable and accurate out to about 100 feet.

Airsoft guns are not toys! While, Airsoft guns are hardly firearms, they can be DANGEROUS toys if not used properly! Eye and face protection is a must. If treated appropriately, like any other 'potentially dangerous' item, Airsoft replicas can be instructional and entertaining.

Are Airsoft guns legal to own and operate?
Airsoft guns are legal to own in most cities and states. However, you should always review local and state laws/ordinances regarding BB guns, Airsoft replicas and paintball guns before making a purchase.

Since federal law considers Airsoft replicas ‘toys', the end of the barrel must be painted a non-removable Blaze orange color. This is required on all Airsoft guns sold in the U.S.

Federal law also states that the use of toy or any item that resembles a firearm in any crime will be equivalent to use of a real firearm or weapon. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER display an Airsoft replica in a public place.

Why do some Airsoft replicas have manufacturer trademarks, while others don't?
By law, manufacturer trademarks protected. Because most Airsoft products are manufactured and distributed outside the United States, trademark law has generally been ignored. However, Airsoft products imported into the U.S. must comply with trademark law. As such, Airsoft manufacturers who do not have licensing agreements with the original firearm manufacturer must remove illegal trademarks from their products before shipping them into the country. Airsoft manufacturers, who have licensed trademarks, can sell their replicas here with the trademarks intact.

What is the range of a typical Airsoft gun?
Most Spring Guns are accurate at around 50 feet. Some Gas and Electric guns are accurate up to 100 feet. However, guns will vary in range and accuracy depending on springs, gas charge, length of barrel, weather conditions, etc.

Can an Airsoft BB penetrate an aluminum can?
While stock Airsoft guns can vary in terms of power, in most cases they will only penetrate an aluminum can at point blank range, if at all. They will, however, easily penetrate cardboard or paper targets.

What is Hop Up?
The Hop Up is a device inside the firing chamber that puts a backspin on the BB, causing it to fly farther distances with greater accuracy.

How do Electric guns operate?
Airsoft Electric Guns or AEG's use a battery-operated electric motor to compress a piston that fires the BB. Due to the efficiency of the electric motor, AEG's can fire in both semi (one trigger pull fires one BB), or full auto (BB's are fired continuously until the trigger is released) mode.

How do Gas-operated Airsoft guns work?
Gas Airsoft guns use gas stored in a cylinder, generally in the magazine, to propel a BB. Instead of CO2 cartridges used in many pellet guns, gas Airsoft guns require a special 'Green' or ‘Red' gas that contains a silicone lubricant. This lubricant helps maintain the gun's durability and function.

How do Spring guns work?
Spring Airsoft pistols/rifles must be manually cocked a 'single' time, to charge the gun before it can be shot. After each shot, it must be cocked again. Cocking the gun is very simple and easy to perform.

How do I use an Airsoft gun safely?
Airsoft guns are not toys. They are designed to be used only by mature, experienced shooters. Bodily injury can and will occur if safety precautions are not taken, or if Airsoft guns are used irresponsibly. Safety equipment such as goggles, facemasks, layered clothing, etc. is essential for protection against BB injuries. Common sense is essential for everyone's protection. Mistaken identification of an Airsoft gun as a real firearm could result in the death of the user. Be mature. Be careful. Be safe.

How do you transport an Airsoft gun?
Because Airsoft guns are indistinguishable in most situations from actual firearms, it is important you treat an Airsoft replica as if it was a real firearm. Transport Airsoft guns in enclosed containers such as gun cases. Do NOT display an Airsoft gun in a public place. Displaying an Airsoft gun in an inappropriate location can lead to arrest and/or confiscation by local authorities and/or law enforcement.

What gun(s) should I first get?
Because all guns function about the same within a weapon type category (i.e. Spring, Gas, Electric), get a gun that appeals to you. Most beginners go crazy trying to figure out what gun to purchase first. The best approach is to read reviews, check prices to see which gun fits your budget, and finally, use instinct to get one that's right for you.

What kind of equipment do I need to play?
At a minimum eye-protection, an Airsoft gun, and ammo are all that's required. ANSI-rated Tactical goggles or paintball masks that provide a full seal around the eye are essential to prevent serious eye injury. Ski goggles, or non-enclosed safety glasses should NEVER be used. Beyond the safety items, camouflage is recommended, plus you may also want to bring a water bottle/canteen and some food.

How do you tell when someone is hit/dead?
Unlike paintball, Airsoft relies on the 'Honor-System'. When you get hit (which hurts less than a paintball), you must declare yourself dead, and follow the established rules of whatever group you are playing with.

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